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Meet the Author

Here we will feature one artist each week…. we will ask them 10 random questions so you can get to know them a bit and introduce their work! Enjoy! Advertisements

Interview with Jo Linsdell

Head over to our YouTube channel and check out the video

Weekly Guest blog

The concept of this is for you to talk about your writing process… how you write… what you write.. start by telling us what inspires you.. tell us about your passion for writing… I have questions below that are fairly in-depth, and you don’t know where to start.. but mix it up… write your own.. […]

Author, KD Rose

Hi there! Please welcome KD Rose!  She has a series of books being set to release in October. KD stopped by and answered a few of our questions….. hope you enjoy…… Oh and be sure to check out her series at the end of the interview. KD….. take it away…. Background – 1)      Who are […]

September Writing Challenge

You receive a telephone call from someone you would never have expected to call. Who is it? What do they say? Does it change your life? It can be a historical or literary personage or someone in your life. All entries in writing first either below or via Contact me form with Contest as the […]