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Meet Author Melanie Jones

                                      Melanie Jones – Author of  L’Amour Actually Meet Melanie Jones! She has written a lovely book called L’Amour Actually. L’Amour Actually is a fictionalized travel memoir (see, she even created her own genre) loosely based on her adventures living in South West France. Melanie tells her readers that some of it happened, and it […]

Sonya Dodd – 09/11/13

Here is Lizzy’s first foray into interviewing! For us anyhow 🙂 Sonya Dodd joins her from England and they had a blast! Check it out!!!!

A.E Crowe – 09/12/13

Meet Author A.E. Crowe She is 31 and originally from Rome,  Georgia. She currently lives in Barnsley, United Kingdom. She has lived here since September 06. Amy has  2 dogs one is a German Shepard cross called Roxie, the other a Yorkshire terrier called Tilly. Amy loves to read, and write in spare time. Amy […]

Skye Hegyes

Welcome Skye! Ladies and gentlemen please meet Skye Heyges this week’s guest blogger!

Phillip Nork – Written Interview 9/9

  Welcome this week’s written interview star…. Philip Nork. Please see the end for his information.. Welcome Philip! Background – 1)      Who are you? (tell us a bit about you personally) My name is Philip Nork. Your readers can call me Phil, all my friends do. I live in Henderson, Nevada just about 10 miles […]

Interview with K.D. Madill

Come check out our interview with K.D. Madill author of the fantasy series Mandamas and Luco due for release in October…!