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The Rating system – TARDISes and Doctors

Oh ye who have never seen the great and wonderous Doctor Who…………. (Doctor who people will  get it)

  1. What are all these blue phone booths?      tardis001_by_sombra_fenix-d5traeu
    They are TARDISes  (plural for TARDIS ). And because every member of the Written By….. staff adores at least 1 incarnation of the Doctor, this is our salute to him. Instead of over used stars or smiley faces, we chose this.
  2. What in the world is a Tardis?
    It is a Time and Relative Dimension in Space….. in other words it is a time machine. It looks like a phone booth on the outside but is much bigger on the inside.



If you have any other questions feel free to ask.

Here’s hoping you all get  tardis001_by_sombra_fenix-d5traeu tardis001_by_sombra_fenix-d5traeu tardis001_by_sombra_fenix-d5traeu tardis001_by_sombra_fenix-d5traeu tardis001_by_sombra_fenix-d5traeu reviews!


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