Disclaimers, Guidelines and Ratings system

Submission Guidelines

If you are interested in having us review your work, or in our Virtual book tour stops, please go to Contact us and let us know about your work.  Include genre, title and synopsis. 

Reviews –

We will not accept: Poetry or Erotica and anything submitted to our YA reviewer can’t contain sex.

When we receive your contact information, we will contact you and let you know where to send the material.

Once contacted, you can email PDF (Preferred) or word documents.
If you need to send a hard copy let us know that and we will give you the address.
However, we can’t guarantee hard copies can be returned unless prepaid postage is included.

Please also include your press kit.


Virtual Book Tour stops –

Interviews: Once contacted for interview, we will send you the standard questions that we ask and ask if there are any questions or topics you would like added to the list. We will also set an appointment time.  Interviews are done with a member of the Written By….. staff and can be done on either Google + (preferred) or Skype. They will be loaded to our YouTube page and then embedded here.

Guest Blogs:  Once contacted, we will send you the suggested format, however you can review it here.  You record these yourself  however you like. Due to file sizes, please load to a YouTube Account and send the link.

10 Random Questions: Once contacted, we will send you the questions. This is a “fun” thing so answer with all good humor. You return your answer in PDF (preferred) or word document format along with your press kit.

Coming Soon: Once contacted, please send your press kit with book release dates.

* Please note: There genre restrictions outlined in the review process will not apply to VBT stops. In the interest of taste and propriety, erotica and in appropriate material MAY be censored, but we try to avoid that as much as possible. VBT stops are a chance for you to relate to your readers so we want them to know the real you!


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