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Hey everyone! 

Some of you may have noticed the re-posting of the Book Lover’s blog hops from last year before I could snag em down from Facebook and Twitter. I just wanted to let you all know that is the end of the construction dust from the merging of Written By… and Brandy Potter Books.

I also want to let my loyal readers and viewers in on a few cool things I am doing with this re-branding.

  1. Written By… will essentially stay the same. It will keep the name as a section of Brandy Potter Books and be a Virtual Book Tour, Guest Blog and Book review site. However, old content that isn’t one of those three areas will be moving to an Archive section. If you were a previous guest of Written By… and would like access to that, please let me know and I will be sure to send you a link.
  2. Brandy Potter Books will now be producing a WEEKLY vlog.. that’s right you heard it here, WEEKLY! I will post the Scripts as blog posts, but you will be hearing my gravelly voice on YouTube MUCH more. The first one will be a video production of The Big Four in Writing. It’s long, I know but that was the vote. This will be posted on 6/10/2018 so keep watching the YouTube Channel
  3. Also, 8 Arms WILL be completed by January 1, even if it kills me! So I am embarking on a campaign for reviews of Venomous Lives, appearances etc. the first of these has already happened. I did a Podcast (my first yay, thank you #jolinsdell and #promoday2018) I hope to do many more. Click here if you missed it

    That being said, I need Beta Readers, reviewers etc.  For those outside of the industry, Beta Readers are test readers “of an unreleased work of literature or other writing , giving feedback with the angle of an average reader to the author about remaining issues.A beta-reader is a non-professional reader, so that an uncolored opinion of an average reader can be obtained. Usually, a beta reader will be unpaid. The feedback is used by the writer to iron out remaining overall issues with plot, pacing and consistency. The beta read also serves as a target audience test to see whether the book has the intended emotional impact and feel.” (Wikipedia, 2018)

    Auf English: You get to read Eight Arms to Hold You before anyone else does!

    Please go to the contact page and let me hear from you if you are interested.

    I am sooooo happy to get back in the saddle again. See you Sunday!!!!!!!

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