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My BOOkish Blog Hop: Do you buy your books new, used or go to the library?

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This blog hop is organised via the Facebook group Bookish Blog Hops and runs from 1st- 31st October 2018. During the blog hop members of the group will be coming together to answer bookish questions (you can find the complete schedule for the blog hop down below at the end of this post).
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And now on to today’s question…


Do you buy your books new, used or go to the library?

Brandy Potter



.All three. Since my book ban states that I have to read before I can buy it, it’s usually the library or used books.

My budget also demands that.



Jo Linsdell  

Jo Linsdell 2018 Sept.png

My answer is all three. I will buy new if it’s a book I really want, especially if it’s a series. Mostly I look for bargain used books as they’re cheaper though. I love the library and, although I use it more for my kids than for myself due to the limited amount of English language titles they stock (I live in Italy 🙂 ) 
I go there regularly

Casia Schreyer

deadpool costume

The answer used to be all three! Now, sadly, I don’t get to take out books from the library anymore. My kids still bring home books from the school library but the nearest library is a half hour drive for us and I just don’t have time to make the trip on a regular basis.
I buy used books from local thrift shops or from the hospital book sales. Most of the books I buy new are by local authors or by indies that I know and like to support. The only other books I really buy are books in series that I’ve started and need to complete. Honestly, the local and indie books keep me super busy!
I also borrow books. But I take good care of them and get them back to their rightful owners.


Leslie Conzatti

Leslie Conzatti

I generally do whichever’s cheapest at the time! For books or authors I’ve never read before, I look for them at the library first, to “try before I buy” as it were.
When a really sweet discount comes to my local bookstore (we have Barnes & Noble and Powell’s here!) I am not ashamed to take advantage of the great pricing and the home-delivery option!
Actually, June was the first time I made it to the quarterly book sale at my local library, and I had so much fun buying some high-quality “used” books (but a couple were even like-new) for a dollar or less!
As for indie books, I generally get the ebook first, unless it’s an author I’ve read and enjoyed and he or she is offering print books for a decent price–I am all about supporting that quality literature!


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The schedule:

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3 thoughts on “My BOOkish Blog Hop: Do you buy your books new, used or go to the library?”

  1. It used to be all three. But sadly, I have a library fine, a rather large one(long story). So, now I buy whatever I find on sale, when I can afford it. I miss having halfpricebookstore….I always found amazing stuff there, even tho they were used.

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