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Holiday Hop: What fictional character would you like to spend Christmas with?

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This blog hop is organised via the Facebook group Bookish Blog Hops and runs from 1st- 15th December 2018. During the blog hop members of the group will be coming together to answer bookish questions (you can find the complete schedule for the blog hop down below at the end of this post).

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And now on to today’s question…


What Character would you want to be for a day?


Brandy Potter

December 4
I chose Fezziwig from A Christmas Carol. He just seems like he’d be hoot at Christmas. He throws a big party. There is music, food and laughter. Not to mention being with all of those that you care about. My true meaning of Christmas!


Jo Linsdell

Jo Linsdell

I’m going to pick Sadie from Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella. She might be a ghost, but she would definitely be a lot of fun to hang out with. She’d make sure we dressed up, and danced out hearts out. I’m sure she’d have plenty of ideas for what we could do to pass the holidays and would never let things get boring.


Renee Guill


Wow, I have to admit this is a tough one to answer. So many to choose from. Guess I should go with my usual, and say Stephanie Plum(Janet Evanovich). I mean she has such great taste in men, tho not sure who’d she spend the holiday with. Her family is so much fun as well, not your usual boring family. Her sister is pregnant with a guy who’s last name is Kloughn(clown) and is a little person. Then there is Grandma Mazur who goes around carrying a glock, she is such a hoot. Would never be a dull moment.

Bookish blog hops (4)

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