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Bookish Blog Hop summer hop: Favorite Book About Summer Romance

Bookish Blog Hops_ Summer 2019 Hop

Question: What is your favorite book about a summer romance?

June 21

The only one that I can think of is The Notebook by Nicolas Sparks. I can honestly say it is the ONLY Sparks novel that I could get through. However, I find Ally and Noah to be great characters and the fact that their love grows and goes on from the doomed summer romances of real life is a great change.

So what do my fellow authors and bloggers have to say?


Lili Marus –

Lili MarcusAlex, ApproximatelyI’ve read a few of summer romances but my favorite would be Alex, Approximately by Jenn Bennet. It is a YA Romance novel that is overflowing with movie/film references because the MCs are huge movie nerds. I love it.


Renee Huggins http://reneesbookcase

Alex, ApproximatelyRenee-HugginsI’m with Lili, I loved Alex, Approximately. A close second for me would be My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick. It’s another YA Romance with a friends-to-lovers theme, just like Alex, Approximately. However this one has a large family focus and I fell in love with all of the characters in the story

Becki Svare –

June 7One of my favorite summer romance books is Keeper of the Light by Diane Chamberlain. It is not your typical fluffy summer romance book (which I love!). This one is dark and disturbing. It’s set in the North Carolina Outer Banks and will keep you on the edge of your seat!


ElineOne of my favorite summer romances is Elements of Chemistry by Penny Reid. This is a college romance between a kind of shy nerd girl and the super popular alpha billionaire guy. And the whole thing is so awesome because Kaitlyn is strong-willed and doesn’t let the guy walk all over her. Instead she teaches him how to be a feminist. It also so happens that all of this is set on a beautiful tropical island.


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13 thoughts on “Bookish Blog Hop summer hop: Favorite Book About Summer Romance”

  1. I am not a romance reader, but all the suggestions here and the weather outside has really gotten to me and I am going to try out some of the books mentioned by you all 🙂 That is, after all, the reason for the blog hop – that we get introduced to new genres, new books and new thoughts 🙂

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