Disclaimers, Guidelines and Ratings system

Submission Guidelines

If you are interested in having us review your work, or in our Virtual book tour stops, please go to Contact us and let us know about your work.  Include genre, title and synopsis.  Reviews – We will not accept: Poetry or Erotica and anything submitted to our YA reviewer can’t contain sex. When we […]

The Rating system – TARDISes and Doctors

Oh ye who have never seen the great and wonderous Doctor Who…………. (Doctor who people will  get it) What are all these blue phone booths?       They are TARDISes  (plural for TARDIS ). And because every member of the Written By….. staff adores at least 1 incarnation of the Doctor, this is our salute to him. Instead […]

Image and Published Material Use Disclaimer

Photographs and book covers used are not the work of Written by or nay person herein. They beolog to the author or the author’s publisher. If you see an image you own please click contact us and we will place a credit here with your name, date of publishing, and we will link the image. […]