Guest Blog

It’s December…. again!

From Brandy: So here we are… another year getting ready to exit. We have been markedly¬†absent from both Written By….. and Brandy Potter books, but we have had LOADS going on. Nothing exciting for you guys but keeping Chey, Liz (My sister and co-editor) and I very busy! The biggest and best news is that […]

Skye Hegyes

Welcome Skye! Ladies and gentlemen please meet Skye Heyges this week’s guest blogger!

Weekly Guest blog

The concept of this is for you to talk about your writing process… how you write… what you write.. start by telling us what inspires you.. tell us about your passion for writing… I have questions below that are fairly in-depth, and you don’t know where to start.. but mix it up… write your own.. […]