Canadian Creatures – Schreyer Ink Publishing

Rating:  I was asked to do this review in May and due to health concerns I am WAY behind in posting it. SO I do apologize.  This is an anthology of stories about Canadian Mythological creatures. The stories were written by seven (7) different authors and they all have very different styles. It was an… Continue reading Canadian Creatures – Schreyer Ink Publishing

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The Rating system – TARDISes and Doctors

Oh ye who have never seen the great and wonderous Doctor Who............. (Doctor who people will  get it) What are all these blue phone booths?       They are TARDISes  (plural for TARDIS ). And because every member of the Written By..... staff adores at least 1 incarnation of the Doctor, this is our salute to him. Instead… Continue reading The Rating system – TARDISes and Doctors