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Promo Day 2015 Presentation – Why Reviews are important

Please take a moment to review the 2015 Promo Day Presentation! Advertisements

How to be Twittertastic – by Jo Linsdell

Hello all! One of the presenters (and the host) of Promo Day had an excellent webinar/presentation on the use of Twitter for promotion.  We thought we would share it!  

The Big 4 Debate: Violence, Sex, Sexuality, and Cussing in Writing

We here at Written By… do not often “cross post” However, both Lizzy and Brandy felt that Brandy’s argument on this topic was VERY important. The original posting is at http://www.brandypotterbooks.com. However, please consider this more of an “editorial” here at Written By….. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The big four debate: Sex, Sexuality, Cussing and Violence In Writing […]

Video Content For Authors – Promo Day 2014 – MAy 31 2014

Here is our promo day presentation! Hope you enjoy!!