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Online Writer’s Conference in development

"Now is a great time to write that novel you've always wanted to write" In conjunction with other author's Brandy Potter Books is organizing a Virtual Writer's conference. During the current COVID-19 crisis, many potential new authors will want to "write that book" you know the one they always meant to write. However many need… Continue reading Online Writer’s Conference in development

News and updates.....

Relaunch today

Don't forget... 1st Brandy Potter Books video production The Big Four debate tonight at 7. You can read the original article here:


Writer’s Block and an Epiphany

Originally posted on 01/07/2016 This year has brought so many personal upswings and down swings that it has been so hard for me to focus on my writing. In fact the amount of stress that has come my way good or bad has basically made it nearly impossible for me to focus on any project… Continue reading Writer’s Block and an Epiphany