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My BOOkish Blog Hop: What fictional item do you wish you owned?

Blog hop

This blog hop is organised via the Facebook group Bookish Blog Hops and runs from 1st- 31st October 2018. During the blog hop members of the group will be coming together to answer bookish questions (you can find the complete schedule for the blog hop down below at the end of this post).
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And now on to today’s question…


What fictional item do you wish you owned?


Brandy Potter

Brandy Potter

The thing that I have ALWAYS wanted is represented lovingly on my blog review pages. I do not have a “stars” system, I have a “tardises” system.

Tardis stands for “Time And Relative Dimension In Space”.

Often described as “bigger on the inside than it is on the outside.” It is actually infinite in size.  

It configures and repairs itself, often to the current incarnation of the Doctor’s preference. It travels through space, time and dimensions. More than a machine, it actually has a soul and bonds with it’s users. Therefore the “redecoration” is to please them. It can travel on its own if need be and has saved the Doctor several times. The doors can’t be penetrated, except by the Daleks of course. The ship can teleport and become invisible. The Tardis grants its travellers the ability to speak and understand different languages. Hence why even the companions can understand what is going on when they are on other planets.

This machine is like the ultimate travel need!

Let’s face it, you can’t find all the other cool stuff without being able to travel.


Jo Linsdell  

Jo Linsdell

This time of year I’d have to pick the Golden Fleece from Percy Jackson. It’s magic would protect me, and heal me if needed. Cuddling up under a nice blanket is what Autumn is made for, even better when it’s one that would get rid of any viruses or colds.

Casia Schreyer

deadpool costume

There are some pretty amazing things out there: wands, magic rings, phasers, teleporters … to pick just one thing?

Well, as a writer I think the thing I would want most is the typewriter from Tommyknockers.

Wouldn’t it be grand to just sit there and think your books while the typewriter wrote them for you?

Of course, I’d like all the perks without all the downsides the characters in Tommyknockers have to face.


Leslie Conzatti

Leslie Conzatti

I wish I owned a World Orb from Kelly Blanchard’s Chronicles of Lorrek series!

It enables a magic-user to pass from one end of the kingdom to another…

I would get to meet in-person more of the wonderful people I interact with online, if I had one of those to make it instantaneous!


Blog hop

The schedule:

3rd  Brandy Potter Books
8th Brandy Potter Books
15th  Brandy Potter Books
17th Brandy Potter Books
21st  Brandy Potter Books
25th Brandy Potter Books
28th  Brandy Potter Books


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