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Hear Ye Hear Ye…. Written By….. has re-launched in full force!

Written By….. is up and running!!!! We are so excited that we have been able to finally grab a format that, while not what we would have hoped for, will absolutly let us do what we set out to do: Provide a platform for Indy authors to showcase their work.

We have posted several reviews. (click here) Not all Indy books I am afraid, but I had only 1 guinea pig 😦

BUT you can change that!!!!!!!!!!!!   How????

By asking for a review or an interview or one of our other video Virtual Book Tour stops…

We can do a video review for you too but that will require a longer period.. good for older books. I have a horror/scifi specialist; a YA reviewer who is a YA and of course Me… (please see Submission Requirements). You can also use use to promote your book while on Virtual book tours. Click, scroll and find out how.

Check out everything we have! We want to have you join us! Go ahead, click contact us and let’s get your book promotion started today!

Oh and hey, stop by and like the Written By….. facebook page and subscribe so you know when new reviews and VBT interviews are up.





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